Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Richard Dawkins, an atheist, criticizes Rep. Todd Thomsen, R-Ada, for showing disapproval of his visit to OU.

Alum Blasts OU for Dawkins Appearance

A lawmaker, who was also a former OU football player, authored a resolution criticizing an OU department for indoctrinating students in "one-sided study and thinking."

In House Resolution 1014, Rep. Todd Thomsen, R-Ada, said because OU is a publicly funded institution, the Department of Zoology needs to stop excepting the Darwinian theory of evolution as "doctrinal dogmatism," and think of it as a "hypothetical construction within the disciplines of the sciences."

Thomsen also authored HR 1015, furthering his criticism of OU by addressing Oxford professor and atheist Richard Dawkins' appearance at the university Friday (3/6), saying Dawkins' statements "demonstrate an intolerance for cultural diversity and diversity of thinking and are views that are not shared and are not representative of the thinking of a majority of the citizens of Oklahoma."

"We need to send a message that both sides of the issue need to be addressed," Thomsen said.

Both resolutions will be introduced on the House floor later this week (3/9-3/13).

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