Friday, April 17, 2009

Economic Growth May Be Seen Despite Recession

A new wave of jobs may be coming to the Norman area in the future with the help of a bill that would make it easier for people to purchase wind turbines.  

HB 2247, authored by Rep. Randy Terrill (R-Moore), would give a 40 percent tax rebate to those that purchase small wind turbines in Oklahoma.  

Terrill said the bill is vital to developing energy independence in the state and would also provide new jobs because of the increase of production.  

"This would provide numerous jobs for the people of Oklahoma,"  Terrill said.  "But wind power is only part of the solution."  

There are also bills in the Legislature that would increase funding for the development of natural gas vehicles and also new geothermal technology.  The wind turbine bill would have to compete with those different energy bills when the Senate debates the issue in the next couple of weeks.  

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