Friday, February 20, 2009

A copy of the actual bill filed by Sen. Jonathan Nichols. Even though the bill will not be heard this session, Nichols still seeks to pass the legislation through an amendment in another bill. Photo by: Clint Sloan

Domestic Violence Bill Fails in Committee

A bill increasing jail time and fines for domestic violence offenders failed to pass committee by the critical deadline Thursday (2/19).

Senate Bill 788, authored by State Sen. Jonathan Nichols (R-Norman), elevates the penalty of a domestic violence offender from a misdeameanor to a felony.

According to the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, more than 370,000 Oklahoma women are beaten on a regular basis. Nichols said this is a growing problem for Oklahoma women, and even though his bill did not pass, he will still make the issue of domestic violence heard in the legislature.

"I will keep on trying," Nichols said. "This is too important an issue facing our state."

While Nichols' bill will not be considered , there is still a chance he could attach the measure to another bill or wait until next year's session to pass it as a separate bill.

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