Thursday, February 12, 2009

OU Students, along with OU Government Affairs Director Danny Hilliard, wait for lawmakers to speak in a conference room at the State Capitol.  The students hope to convince lawmakers to increase educational funding.  

Students Attend National Education Day

OU students attended Higher Education Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol Tuesday (2/10), hoping to persuade lawmakers to increase educational funding.

Unfortunately for the students, the State is battling a nearly $1 Billion deficit, which makes it even harder for students to accomplish their goal. Still, students are optimistic that lawmakers would realize the importance of education and somehow spare education in the budget cuts.

"Education is everything," university college freshman Tyler Smith said. "For families that struggle with that [providing higher education], funding makes it easier for kids to go to college."

Students, like Smith, are confident lawmakers will not cut funding this legislative session, which may maintain or even lower students' tuition next semester.

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