Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rep. Randy Terrill (R-Moore) gives his opinion of Anderson's bill.  Terrill has a resolution that also deals with making English the official language of the Oklahoma.  

English May Become Common Language: Officially Anyway

An Oklahoma lawmaker is trying to pass a bill that would make English Oklahoma's "official common language."  

Sen. Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) said Senate Bill 1156 would apply only to state agencies, saying no state agency "shall be required to provide any documents, information, literature or other written materials in any language other than English."  

The two-sentence bill does not require state agencies to provide English-only written materials; Anderson agrees the bill is not meant to be enforced, but to be a symbolic gesture.  

"The point is to turn the focus off this issue," Anderson said.  "There are more important issues to worry about such as the current budget crunch."  

The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Anderson chairs, Wednesday (2/18). Anderson said the bill should be heard by the entire Senate floor in one or two weeks.  

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