Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rep. Randy Terrill has authored legislation that has caused a division within the Oklahoma Republican Party.  

Rep. Randy Terrill explains what his bill does to allow the State to restrict any language other than English.  

Other "English-Only" Bill Sparks Controversy

Another lawmaker that has drafted "English-only" legislation created a tension between those in the same political party.  

Rep. Randy Terrill (R-Moore) has authored House Joint Resolution 1042, making English the "official language" of Oklahoma.  The bill would be implemented toward state agencies; this would prohibit state agencies from conducting any speech that is not English.  

Terrill said Anderson's (R-Enid) bill, Senate Bill 1156, is nothing more than a "meaningless, symbolic gesture," saying the bill is trying to "gut out official English." 

"Anderson has no enforcement in his bill," Terrill said.  "Anderson does not advocate for making English the official language of the state."  

Terrill's resolution would not only make English the official language, but also provides exceptions such as Braille and Native American uses of language.  

If the resolution passes the House floor in the coming weeks, citizens will be asked to vote on the measure during in the 2010 elections.  

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